The Human Factor fresk

The Human Factor Fresk is carried and deployed by the Human Factor University association whose purpose is :
“To teach evryone how to take care of themsleves, others and their environment, by mobilizing cognitive resources”

and which gathers individuals and organizations working to make men and women aware of the functioning of our cognition and the factors likely to influence it. 


The Human Factor Fresk is a collaborative learning experience. This 3-hour workshop brings together a dozen participants, guided by a facilitator trained in the animation of Human Factor frescoes. 


First, participants identify a behavior they want to change collectively. This could be, for example, “using less polluting means of transportation”, “eating more vegetable protein”, …

Then participants are led to understand the role that emotions, biases and other factors play in changing our behavior. The Human Factor Fresk is a workshop that helps answer the question, “Why is it so hard to change?”


It provides an answer to the question “What can be done individually and collectively to accelerate changes in behavior?” by exploring these factors, which can be obtsacles but also levers to be mobilized to change behavior.



What will you discover in the Human Factor fresk ? 

Here are the human factors addressed in the fresk :

  • emotions : What emotions drive you to action? Why do emotions drive our change?

  • Cognitive bias: a cognitive bias is an automatic way of thinking. It is linked to the fact that our brain often functions automatically in order to save energy, as thoughtful decisions require more effort and energy. This automatic mode of functioning is essential to our efficiency and adaptability, however, it plays an important role in the mechanisms of resistance to change.

    Here are some of the biases that can be addressed during the fresk:

  • factors : 

    • mental representations 

    • language

    • attention 

    • memory

    • motivations 

    • habits

    • beliefs

    • learning

    • social belongings

If you want to know more about the Human Factor Mural, or you want to participate or animate a mural, you can contact us at the following email address : 

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