The Human Factor Mural

A collaborative workshop to explore the human factors involved in changes.

The Human Factor Mural is a playful workshop that answers the question: “What can be done individually and collectively to accelerate behavioral change?”

The Human Factor Mural is a collaborative learning experience guided by a facilitator.

First, participants identify a behavior they want to change. For example: “use less polluting means of transportation”, “eat more vegetable protein”, “react appropriately when we disagree with someone else’s opinion”, etc. 

Participants then discover the role that emotions, cognitive biases and other factors play in changing our behavior. They explore how these factors can be brakes but also levers to mobilize in transitions.

3 hours

4 to 12 participants

face-to-face or distance learning

Multi contexts

Why this workshop?

Because it's time to take action!

And because it is not enough to be convinced of the need for change for it to occur. Change is often slow or unsustainable over time. This is because we are human beings endowed with an incredible cognitive apparatus, which sometimes limits our capacity for action. The Human Factor Mural provides the opportunity to compare participants' perceptions and create a collective representation of the levers that can be used to change our behavior. It can be applied to any individual or collective change process (teams, organizations, etc.). Examples of change processes:


Discover collectively how our cognitive system works and how to change our behavior.


Collectively share our perceptions around a transformation theme in order to establish a common diagnosis.


Get to know each other better by creating a space of trust in which we can speak freely.

Take action

Identify together the appropriate levers to take action, individually and collectively.

A workshop designed for a wide variety of situations

Tranformation project

Diagnosis with the project team to better understand the human factors to be taken into account in change management and how to achieve it.

Team Building

Build a framework of trust that allows teamwork or strategic alignment issues to be addressed from a different angle and with a free voice.

Collective introspection

Teamwork that allows participants to acquire notions of cognitive science while reflecting on the practices to be developed in the organization.


To teach how our cognition works so that we can multiply the capacity to act, while acquiring a methodology that can be replicated across a wide range of change-related issues.

Human Factor?

Faced with the many changes in our environment and the major challenges we face today, we have an essential role to play in changing our behavior.

Human factors are all the elements linked to our cognition that come into play when we act. 

If we become aware of them and think about how to use them more effectively, we can increase our capacity for change.

International referent

Human Factor University


The Human Factor Mural is promoted by the Human Factor University association, whose mission is:

“To teach everyone to take care of oneself, others and their environment by mobilizing their cognitive resources”.

The Human Factor University brings together individuals and organizations working to raise awareness of the functioning of human cognition and the factors that can influence it.

Our goal: to be an international network of actors who collectively learn to mobilize knowledge and tools to act on the Human Factor.

Training of facilitators

Help change human behavior: Become a facilitator of the Human Factor mural.

Why becoming a facilitator?

Would you like to learn the methodology to facilitate Human Factor murals? It is possible. There are no prerequisites to learn how to lead the Human Factor mural, you only need the ability to lead workshops (facilitator position) and/or knowledge of cognitive science. Only trained people are authorized to facilitate a Human Factor mural. Training is the best way to deepen your knowledge of the various human factors, it also means joining a community of actors committed to behavioral transformation. Before enrolling in a mural facilitation training, make sure you have participated in a Human Factor mural.

Initial training

This training enables anyone who follows it to facilitate a Human Factor mural. The course consists of 5 stages.

3 stages are 2-hour online group sessions with all training participants: the kick-off, feedback on the facilitation guide and feedback on the experience.

2 stages must be completed independently: reading the training guide and preparing one’s own self-guide as well as making a mural in pairs.

In total, 2 full days are needed to be prepared. Leading a Human Factor mural is a demanding exercise that requires thorough preparation.

Each student receives a certificate and has access to all the association’s resources.

2 days

6 hours synchronous

Up to 15 participants

1 certificate

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